Dr. Hannah Grant knew she had a passion for animals, the environment, and how humans interact with them since she was a small child watching Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Born into a family with a strong medical background, it felt only natural for her to pursue her passion through veterinary medicine.

Throughout her high school and undergraduate education, Dr. Grant worked at her local veterinary clinic gaining experience as a receptionist, kennel technician, and veterinary assistant, seeking every opportunity to push her limits and develop new skills to best prepare her for her future.

In 2018, Dr. Grant graduated from SUNY Albany with a Bachelor’s Degree in biological science and shortly thereafter was accepted into Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, where she received her DVM in 2022.

Following graduation, Dr. Grant spent time working at a veterinary emergency and specialty center, gaining experience in common veterinary emergencies and rotating through several specialty services before finding her true passion in general practice.

As a practitioner, Dr. Grant’s top priority is to provide quality care for her patients and public education regarding animal welfare and the Human-Animal bond. She has special interest in pain management, anesthesia, and animal behavior and is always looking for new and improved ways to practice her passion.

In her free time, Dr. Grant enjoys writing, reading, and spending time with her big family and pets. She has two cats (Penne and Mr. Man) and two family dogs (Bailey and Baxter) all of whom were rescues she opened her home to during her journey.