Dog Behavior & Training Resources

In person:

Becky Hutchins, Good Choice Dog Training

(518) 337-3954

Primarily group classes. Puppy, basic training/manners, reactive dogs, beginner sport classes (basic agility/rally/obedience/nosework); best choice for nervous/insecure dogs

Mary Maltbie, Heel Dog Training Academy

(518) 727-7851

Primarily group classes. Puppy, basic training/manners, mid to advanced level sport (obedience only); best choice for high energy, high drive dogs

Dianne Del Pozzo

[email protected]

Limited classes but first choice for aggression cases in private settings- extensive experience with aggression. Will also cover most other topics including manners, separation anxiety etc.

Caroline Becker

[email protected] or text 609-618-6313

Private lessons only. General dog and puppy behavior problems and manners problems- leash pulling, not coming when called, house training, jumping on people, etc.

Amber Barry, The Kinetic K9

Private lessons only. Will cover most topics as needed including manners (leash pulling, coming when called,etc) separation anxiety and aggression.


Mohawk-Hudson Behavior Helpline- ALSO CONSULTS ON CATS FREE!!

Connection, Cooperation & Control (CCC)

General relationship and team building and owner education on relationship-centered training. Especially good for nervous and insecure dogs, and any time there is a lack of clear dog/owner communication. Very interactive

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Huge variety of classes on multiple topics, generally more geared toward sports but there are tons of basic classes as well at very affordable prices

A Quick Primer on Service, Therapy, and Emotional Support Dogs

Service dog:

Assists 1 handler
Trained for specific tasks to mitigate 1 handler’s disability HAS public access rights
NO OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION EXISTS ANYWHERE We do not provide documentation- handler’s physician does

Therapy dog:

Owned by 1 person, but visits with many
Trained in basic obedience and selected for calm temperaments NO public access rights
Certified through Therapy Dogs International or others
We renew annual health paperwork only

Emotional support animal:

Assists 1 owner, is allowed to live in restricted housing per ADA laws NO specific training
NO public access rights
We do not provide documentation- owner’s physician does